Who we are!      

Utah Billing and Recovery Services and Evergreen Account Management are a complete and comprehensive accounts receivable package. Our entire staff is a group of highly experienced individuals who each have an average of over 20 years in billing and collection management. Each member of our team brings unique experiences and a greater understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We understand the need of getting you fast reimbursement for your services and giving you quality customer service, while at the same time, we treat your customers and patients with respect and help them find ways to resolve their financial obligation to you. We are determined to be the best agency you have ever done business with.

What we do!

        At Evergreen Account Management, we offer a wide range of services of which you can build your own specific outsourcing package. We are here for you every step of the billing and recovery process. Our professionalism and decades of experience are evident in our results. We are not going to accept your accounts and then disappear. Our client relations team will be there for you no matter how small the problem. We are determined to keep a professional and congenial relationship with your staff. You won't need to call and leave messages multiple times before you get a response from our office. From reporting a payment to canceling an account, we will resolve the situation quickly and efficiently. Our initial contact with the consumer will be different than other agencies. Once you’ve verbally attacked a consumer, it’s almost impossible to go back to a cooperative relationship. Our experienced team knows how to collect and resolve the debt without using intimidation and threats.        

        Once the insurance has paid or denied, and for those patients who have no insurance, those self pay balances can be managed by our Time Payment Management Division. Here we offer monthly payment plans, coupon books and follow- up on missed payments.  Your patients will be happy with the availability to make monthly payments and your office won’t be faced with the uncomfortable and awkward situation of asking for payment.        

       In every hospital, clinic and physician office, there will be patients who ignore your attempts to recover the amount due and those who move away or need to be pursued further. Utah Billing and Recovery Services is the collection agency who will take your bad debt accounts and offer a stronger approach.  We have a highly skilled skip-tracing team who will access up to date tools, to locate those who have skipped out and verify assets once they are found.  In the event legal action is necessary, our legal team has over 30 years experience in collecting legal accounts.

Utah Billing & Recovery Services, LLC

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